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Why does Trane call its products ‘interactive’?

Trane’s products use a modern age wireless communications standard.

Welcome to the next generation of living
Trane’s interactive air conditioners and locks are a new breed of systems that combine safety, security and comfort in your home at various levels. The interactivity and intelligence they bring to your home is incomparable with other home appliances. They are responsive to the surroundings, can listen, give feedback and can also communicate amongst themselves.


Enhanced control
Interactivity or two-way communication between devices and users is at the core of development of ‘networked’ Trane products. By combining existing patented technologies of Ingersoll Rand and its brands (e.g. Schlage in security systems) with open source technologies like Zigbee, Trane air conditioners and locks aim to take user experiences to a new level. The best part is it’s all wireless – out of your way and invisible. There’s nothing to figure out, it just works!


The interactivity between devices has multiple objectives – increasing efficiency, security, safety, reliability and convenience of using devices embedded with wireless communication technology.

With Trane interactive ACs and Locks, we’re just getting started.

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