review by ndtv gadget guru

Meet the next generation of acs and door locks

Trane interactive air conditioners & door locks were reviewed on Gadget Guru, a show which is India’s most trusted technology show focussing on the latest technology and delivering product news and information in an interactive and comprehensive manner. The show was telecast across three channels including NDTV Good Times, NDTV Profit and NDTV 24x7, the first being a consumer lifestyle channel and the latter two being news channels.

The review highlights Trane as one of the forerunners in bringing about a major breakthrough in the digital door locks and air conditioning segment and emphasizes on the concept of interactive home automation. It further highlights the various features of the digital door lock including Away mode, Home mode, Passage mode and Night latch mode along with the various features of the air conditioners. Furthermore, while highlighting the USPs of the products, it talks about how the night latch mode can also be activated through the interactive remote and the remote can control up to 18 AC’s at the same time. The video also talks about various other features of the interactive remote including efficiency meter, weather sync mode and how the temperature is adjusted automatically to optimize energy efficiency and keep the environment comfortable.   Succinctly put, the video is overall very positive and highlights that from the lock at Rs 24,500 and AC’s from Rs 37,000-66,000, it is a premium markup to pay for such luxury.

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