E-Waste Management

In general, any used electronic product or accessory, which is scheduled for reuse, recycling or disposal, is considered to be e-waste. Informal and self-processing of
e-waste could lead not only to potential and adverse human health effects butalso negative environmental impact. An air-conditioning appliance, post the useful life contains refrigerant and other potentially hazardous e-waste materials. Disposing such an appliance requires special collection and treatment. It is advised not to dispose the air conditioner as household waste or unsorted municipal waste. We recommend you to follow the below instructions to dispose e-waste pertaining to air conditioning equipment.

Collection, Storage And Disposal of E- Waste

Once the product reaches its “end-of-life” and customer wishes to dispose the -waste, he/she can reach the “Trane” toll free Smart Care number 18001209986 or “Namo E-Waste” Toll free number 18001235124 for registering to dispose the E-Waste. ‘Namo E-waste”, authorized on behalf of “Trane”, is fully equipped to serve e-waste scrap disposal for our Pan-India customers.

Options for collection:
• Customer can identify the nearest E- waste collection center by contacting either the Trane Smart Care Centre or Namo E Waste Toll Free Number for voluntary drop off.
• Alternatively customer can request for a free pick up of the E-waste through “Namo E -Waste”

The E-Waste is then collected through either of the above options, stored appropriately and channeled to the Authorized E-waste Recycling Partner/ Facility.

Disclaimer /Note

The service is subject to the terms and conditions of the E-waste Recycler. Ingersoll Rand reserves the right to change the terms of the recycling scheme at any time. The scheme is proposed for collection of E-waste of “Trane” brand Room Air Conditioners only (as applicable) for residential use.